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Meet Chibuzor – Instructor

“I am a python programmer and AI developer. At The Visiola Foundation, we don’t simply teach girls how to have a career in STEM; we also create an atmosphere where these students will embrace STEM and be inspired to use their ability and creativity to push technology to the next level. The team of teachers is committed to seeing this goal come true”.

Meet Chioma – Instructor

“I am a Graphics Designer, Video Editor, and frontend developer at the Visiola Foundation who is creative and flexible with work. I am passionate about STEM education for girls because I believe that training the girl child in STEM will have a great impact on society at large..

Meet Blessing – Instructor


“I am the Operations Associate at the Visiola Foundation. I am passionate about STEM education for girls and women. I believe that training females in STEM will have a ripple effect on society at large”.

Meet Ayomide – Instructor

“I am a Cybersecurity Enthusiast and I believe in giving women equal opportunities to pursue, and thrive in STEM careers because it helps narrow the gender pay gap. To achieve this, I work with a team of amazing and creative instructors, who are committed to helping students build a solid foundation in STEM.

Meet Serena- Instructor

“I am an experienced software developer with a passion for creating innovative
solutions that improve an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. I have a strong background
in technology and software design, which allows me to create dependable and user-friendly solutions.
I am a skilled leader with the demonstrated ability to motivate, educate, and collaborate with a team of
amazing and creative instructors
who are dedicated to helping students build a strong foundation in STEM.”

Meet Wasila – Instructor

“I am a volunteer who is so passionate about girl child empowerment.
I have been empowered myself by the Visiola foundation to become a front-end developer and a UI/UX designer. Beyond teaching students science, technology, engineering, and math, we coach them on how to stand up for themselves, and we encourage them to share their ideas boldly . Our goal is to build their self-confidence and improve their self-worth.”