After-School STEM Clubs For Girls

This academic year, the Foundation is focusing on educating and raising a generation of problem solvers who are committed to advancing their community through technology to accelerate long-term transformation and progress. Students will be taught to ask probing questions, cultivate analytical thinking skills, and become problem solvers as they develop technological solutions that harness the potential of mobile technologies and IT to build long-term value. The After School STEM Club sessions will teach and train students on robotics education using Ev3 Mindstorm covering creativity, coding, and entrepreneurship for a period of 6 weeks. Students will become strong problem solvers who are excellent at seeing openings in challenging circumstances, analytical thinkers, analytic personalities, and influential innovators by the end of the academic term.

The STEM club sessions will run from Monday, September 19th – Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 for 6 weeks. Lessons will be taught once a week at a stipulated time and students will react to such lessons within a given deadline. The weekly task will be given which the students will be mandated to turn in by the end of the class.