The Visiola Foundation Quarterly Newsletter Q1/2015

Ladé Araba

Ladé Araba
Founder and President of the Visiola Foundation

Founder’s Corner

A number of resource-rich African countries have a growing industrial and manufacturing base, which requires a large number of highly skilled technical professionals to help diversify their economies for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. They therefore require skilled engineers, scientists, and innovators. More students are thus required to pursue careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. STEM offers numerous opportunities to students, who can select an exciting career path that fulfills their intellectual curiosity, stimulates innovation, and transforms them into problem-solvers in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy. This is especially important in a continent with a large youth population, high unemployment, and limited technological penetration and advancement in important sectors. It is also imperative to attract girls from an early age in order to encourage a higher number of female STEM professionals.

The Visiola Foundation continues to play an important role in achieving this ambitious goal. The Foundation is actively building a pipeline of leading female African engineers, scientists, IT experts, mathematicians, and innovators. We expect our future leaders to make critical contributions that will significantly improve the standard of living of many Africans, while strengthening manufacturing processes, developing new products, and creating numerous scientific breakthroughs, among other feats.

Join us as we present a summary of our activities during the first quarter of 2015.

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