The Visiola Foundation partners with leading universities across Africa to educate and mentor the next generation of African innovators. Our partner profiles are presented below.

Ashesi University (Ghana)

Ashesi University College is a private, non-profit liberal arts institution on a mission to “educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate critical thinking skills, concern for others; and the courage to transform the continent” in its students. Founded in 2002 by Patrick Awuah, a former senior executive at Microsoft Corporation (USA), Ashesi’s academic program was designed in collaboration with 24 professors from Swarthmore College, UC Berkeley, and the University of Washington. The university features a student honor code, which requires students to be ethical, a community service program to enable students to become active in developing solutions to problems in their community, and a four-year leadership seminar series that focuses on good governance in Africa. Below are some key facts about the university’s performance.

  • Twelve percent of applicants are admitted
  • Average student scores of A-
  • 15% of students from 23 African countries
  • 100% job placement within months of graduating

For more information about Ashesi University: http://www.ashesi.edu.gh


Lead City University (Nigeria)

Lead City University is a private university founded in 2002 with a mandate to provide its students with “knowledge for self-reliance.” The university emphasizes education and entrepreneurship to boost the “employability” of its graduates. LCU complements its diverse academic programs with IT and computer certification to boost the technical skills of students, thereby empowering them to enter formal employment, or become successful entrepreneurs.

For more information about Lead City University: http://www.lcu.edu.ng


Bayero University Kano (Nigeria)

Bayero University is a research university committed to producing quality graduates with the requisite skills to develop Nigeria and humanity at large. The mission of BUK is to provide academic and professional training, community service, and research for the advancement of society.

For more information about Bayero University: http://www.buk.edu.ng