STEM Education for African Girls

Participants at the 2018 Coding Boot Camp

2018 Summer Coding Boot Camp in Enugu

The Visiola Foundation’s Coding Boot Camp is an intensive training program that provides participants with a strong foundation upon which to build their careers as computer programmers and tech entrepreneurs. The 2018 Summer Coding Boot Camp took place in Enugu on July 16 – August 4, 2018.

During the camp, students learnt Full Stack Web Development, Database Management, Python Programming and Mobile App Development. They worked on individual assignments and group challenges to enhance their learning, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving abilities. Students developed a restaurant application to receive and process customers’ orders, grade converter application, and a car rental website.

At the end of the camp, students designed a train ticket reservation system for Nigeria Railway Service and an e-library book management system for the community library in Enugu where students can borrow books for a duration of days.

Participants were also exposed to successful professionals, including Yetunde Sanni (Software Developer, Andela), and Elizabeth Kolade (Technical Specialist, Consultancy Support Services) who shared their personal experiences and helped the students better visualize the possibility of succeeding in a tech career.

The aim of the boot camp was to encourage more girls to pursue technical careers by empowering them with vital knowledge to facilitate their success.