STEM Education for African Girls

Omolara Kassim, Deborah Balogun and Rachael Ashaolu are our new scholars at LCU.

Meet our 2014 Scholars at LCU

The Visiola Foundation partners with Lead City University, Nigeria (LCU) in providing scholarships for academically excellent girls and young women to earn degrees in engineering, science, and technology. It is our great pleasure to introduce our 2014 scholars.

Omolara Kassim

Lara will study towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. She would like to work in a lab and is passionate about teaching. Lara would like to empower children and sensitize their parents to the challenges and risks faced by the youth. She also loves to mix chemicals!

Deborah Balogun

Deborah will study community health. She would like to become a doctor and is especially passionate about obstetrics/gynecology. Deborah is committed to improving maternal health in her community and would like to set up a clinic in the future.

Rachael Ashaolu

Rachael will study Biochemistry. She was selected to become the Head Girl at her secondary school and she remains passionate about steering her peers and juniors in the right direction. In addition to researching cures to various ailments, Rachael would like to counsel and provide guidance to girls facing diverse challenges. Rachael also dreams of running an orphanage to assist as many disadvantaged children as she can.