STEM Education for African Girls

BSc in Biochemistry (2017) CGPA: 4.90/5.0

Meet our scholars

Omolara – Biochemist

“I dream of developing new drugs and treatments to diseases that devastate people in my community.”

My father is an incapacitated welder and my mother is a cleaner. I am one of four children and was supposed to learn sewing as a trade to take care of my family. Instead, the Visiola Foundation’s scholarship gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and today I am a graduate! I was offered an internship to work at Millipore Sigma (an American biotechnology company) and have co-authored a research article; which was published by the Alexandria Journal of Medicine in 2018. I want to be a recognized researcher. I got a job in February 2019 and went to work for Healthline Pharmaceuticals. In May 2019 I was hired by May and Baker, the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria and I am delighted to work for them. Thank you for investing in me!