STEM Education for African Girls

Bayero University, Kano

Scholarships available for female african students to study Engineering & Science

The Visiola Foundation seeks applications for scholarships from female African students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in studying science and engineering at Bayero University.

The Visiola Foundation exists to support the emergence of a new cadre of African leaders by mentoring and training academically excellent youths. The foundation especially focuses on marginalized African girls with promise, to equip them with the moral, technical and financial tools they require to maximize their potential as future change makers in their respective communities.

It is in the pursuit of this vision, that the Foundation seeks applications for scholarships from female students interested in studying science and engineering at Bayero University.

Selection process

Dr. Rabia Salihu Sa’id

Department of Physics 

A2, 1st Floor, Old Faculty of Science Building

Deputy Dean (Female)

Student Affairs Division

Phone: 08033976393

A shortlist of ten (10) female applicants will be forwarded to the Visiola Foundation’s review committee. Applicants are expected to meet all of the following requirements:

1. Nationals of an African country; (evidence National ID card, Indigene Certificate, etc)

2. received both primary and secondary education in an African country; (attach Testimonials/Certificates of primary and secondary schools)

3. graduated in the top 5% of their secondary school’s graduating class; (evidence: Final Report Sheets of SS1 to SS3)

4. Have clearly demonstrated financial needs; (one paragraph written testimony/family history of financial needs)

5. Demonstrate passion for and commitment to community service as evidenced by prior and on-going involvement in local activities (short resume with personal statements of community service and involvement in local activities)

6. are not related to or otherwise connected with any staff member or friend/acquaintances of staff members or otherwise affiliated members of the University;

Only candidates pursuing degrees from the Faculty of Engineering and Science will be considered.

Following a review, competency tests and formal interviews, the Foundation’s review committee will select Scholarship Recipients and will notify both the University and the Scholarship Recipient of the award. Each Scholarship Recipient will be paired with a mentor from the Foundation or will be assigned a mentor from the Foundation’s pool of Donors.


The Foundation will work with the University to ensure that each Scholarship Recipient is engaged in volunteer work and/or community service activities while enrolled at the University.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Successful applicants will be required to submit regular Progress Reports within forty (40) days of the end of each Semester to the Foundation electronically at the following e-mail address:

Mentors will be required to report on each Scholarship Recipient’s academic progress, community involvement, leadership development, any issues encountered, and make recommendations.