STEM Education for African Girls

The Visiola Foundation E-Newsletter

Issue Q1, 2020

The Visiola Foundation turns 6! Students in our STEMLEG program were participated in the Federal Ministry of Communications’ ICT for Girls Competition.

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Issue Q4, 2019

The theme for the 2019 December STEM Camp for Teenage Girls was “A Renewable Future”. Students in our STEM Leadership and Entrepreneurship for Girls (STEMLEG) Program learnt Robotics and Mobile Application Development,

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Issue Q3, 2019

Students in our STEM Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program for Girls (STEMLEG) demonstrated their growing tech prowess through their strong performance in external science and technology competitions. Others graduated at the top of their class and gained admission to university to pursue STEM degrees. Coding Boot Camp participants secured internships and jobs, and our scholars completed engaging internships.

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Issue Q2, 2019

Read about the first inter-school competition of our STEM Leadership and Entrepreneurship for Girls (STEMLEG) Program and the success of Coding Bootcamp students.

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Issue Q1, 2019

Our two inaugural graduates Omolara Kassim and Rachael Asaolu share their experiences as working professionals. Edna continues to give back to her community.

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Issue Q4, 2018

Four of the participants in our 2017 STEM Camps in Accra, were accepted into the University of Edinburgh to study computer science. Edna was recognized for her community service project which created a reading clinic for primary school students, and led a breast cancer and diabetes awareness campaign.

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